I’ve Moved

It’s official. I’ve moved! Hop on over HERE.


Season for Change

Liz_4_51625 day blog hiatus. Unintentional, yes. Necessary, absolutely. I am full of updates, so hold tight.

First and foremost, holy October! My favorite month has seriously passed in the blink of an eye. With Baseball Season winding down, I am walking around with a sense of impending doom, for what in the world am I suppose to do from November-April until the sport which I literally live by comes back around. Honestly, I’m not sure, but it’s sure to include some sort of sport depression. Don’t judge me; we all have that one thing, be it a sport, a hobby, a job, or whatever, that gives us just a little extra meaning in life. It may be a little bit shallow that my “one thing” is baseball, but when you grow up in a Baseball Town, it’s kind of engrained in you from birth to live and die by the Cardinals.

Up next, the little thing I like to call the real world, aka living and employment. As you know {or maybe you didn’t}, I interned over the summer in Birmingham, AL. At the end of my internship, I was unfortunately left with no income to support my rent, so I moved back home to St. Louis. Unsure about the future, I took an opportunity to be a product ambassador for a company in St. Louis that I had had my eye set on since college. At first it sounded like the perfect job to lead into the Marketing  department at that company. However, as I got further and further into the specifics and job functions of the ambassadorship, I quickly realized that this is not who I want to work for and not exactly what I want to do. Gotta learn somehow, right? Call it faith, call it fate, call it divine intervention, but I got a call from the Birmingham company not long into my ambassadorship, offering me a full-time, permanent job in the brand management team. Long story short, I move back to the grand ole South in a week {eeekk}. Big changes, a lot of “adult” conversations, but I could not be more excited to “restart” in Birmingham. That being said, I now have to decorate and furnish a new studio that I just secured. For the first time in my life, I will be living by my lonesome, which is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Finally, taking a break definitely gave me a new perspective on my creative outlet. I’ve come to realize that with growing up, with a transition between student and adult, I have also grown out of a few things. One of them, oddly enough, is this blog. I didn’t really know what I wanted this space to be about when I started. It was more of an aspiration to be like all the fabulous {or, at least fabulous on the surface} bloggers that I began following a few years ago. As I’ve learned more about what these ladies do, how they work, and what truly goes into managing and continually running a blog, I have felt the need to alter my direction a bit. I do want this to still be “my” space to organize, to post, and to share all of those bookmarks on my computer that don’t quite have a place to. I want it to be a place where conversation and creativity abounds. I also want it to be somewhere that embodies “me,” and right now RFM does not. I am in the process of designing a new blog, and I’ll post and transition to that new site as soon as it is done and perfect. So for now, stick tight. My posts may be spastic and random, but big things are on the horizon!

Until the new start-up occurs, stay tuned, and Go Cardinals!



{Looks} I Love

I don’t know if it’s this new week or the new season, but there are some seriously slammin fall looks out there. So this weekend, I thought I would just give you a taste of what’s inspiring my closet this week!

OST_1Taylor Davies {shut up, i love that shirt on you}


Kendi Skeen {Kendi Everyday}

5N2A4488Bradley Agather {Luella & June}

aSUIT 107Blair Eadie {Atlantic-Pacific}


Wendy Nguyen {Wendy’s Lookbook}

9780417721_1e6556acc4_bAnna Jane {See Jane}

Excuse me while I go shop my blog feed. Enjoy the weekend!

Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Jacket// necklace// Skirt (similar)// bracelet//Zoe Karssen tee//Satchel//Slingbacks

It’s hard to believe that next week I’ll be turning 23 years old.  So where exactly is the typical 23 year old suppose to be in life? Married? Secure Job? Well-traveled? I can’t quite say for a fact where I “wish” I was, because I honestly am pretty happy where I am. I have the world at my finger tips, all the ambition in the world, and friends that love me and that I can count on. What more can I ask for?  I have a feeling that I’m going to treat myself to a 23rd birthday present and then {hopefully} take a shopping diet until Christmas. All of these gems are pretty tempting though.


State of Things


In short: Chaos. You would think that when one particular part of my life was up in the air, I would balance that uncertainty out by keeping order in other parts. False. Fall is taking a bit of a toll on my skin, I’ve tried 4 different shampoo/conditioners in the past 2 weeks and my hair is still not cooperating, and it has been almost 3 weeks since I moved back to St. Louis from Birmingham, and my room/my brother’s old room/my closet are still in an epic state of chaos in need of disaster relief. No matter how hard I try to organize, the fact that yet another move (my 4th move – my 4th city – in 4 months…this has got to stop) may take place in the next month keeps me from *cough* unpacking.

Call it typical post-grad syndrome, but I am slightly dying to escape into an even greater unknown.  I blame this urge on Hannah —  a best friend of mine that I need /am dying to talk to — who is across the world in Switzerland until December. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I weekly look up flights to Europe, hoping for a deep enough discount to rationalize a spontaneous trip abroad. Dreaming? Absolutely, but dreams are good for the soul.

Honestly, at this point all I can think is – Thank God for Playoff Baseball and what I’m calling “Live Music October.” Obviously, as a sports/baseball fanatic, nothing pleases my heart more than seeing my team clinch a spot in the playoffs. Other October goodness? I’ve booked myself at 8 concerts this next month, artists that all rank in my Top 10 favorites. There is also something about concerts and live music that instantly calm me. Maybe it’s the talent portrayed. Maybe it’s the lyrics. Maybe it’s the environment. Whatever it is, it is seriously therapeutic and JUST what I need in the midst of a chaotic life.

This feeling will pass. The unknown will turn into settling down. I’ll find a yellow brick road to follow. Dear self: sit back, relax, and enjoy the crazy ride that we call life.

Links I {Love}


  1. My sensitive skin definitely changes each season. I’m getting set to try Kimberly’s top products for problem-free skin this Fall!
  2. Real life: the fashion icon behind  Cheetah is the New Black majored in Chemistry in college…as if I was not already inspired enough! Read her full Abridged Biography here!
  3. Step Away from the Phone. NY Times once again nails it.
  4. Loving these 15 Minute DIY Party Ideas from Real Simple. Just the inspiration I need to plan a get together
  5. Thank you Meri for introducing me to this Tumblr. “What Mr. Darcy was thinking when…”
  6. I would be completely, 100%, over the moon happy if every man dressed like this (and this…wait and in Gucci too…oh good gracious SWOOOON).
  7. Wishing so hard I could pull off this turban. Find more like it in Meg’s Shop
  8.  Auto-Correct Fails (by the way, if you’re going out, make sure your whore face is covered up)


Everything’s Better in Leather


OH. THANK. HEAVENS…Y’ALL I can wear boots again. And Leather. And Plaid. Aka, I am now the happiest girl alive. Scratch that, I’ll be the happiest when the Cardinals win the world series again this year, but we don’t have to talk about just yet. Fall means oh so many wonderful things:  Dropping temperatures, oktoberfests, playoff baseball, Saturday tailgates, college football, Halloween, MY BIRTHDAY … to name a few. One thing I miss about the Midwest is how quickly the temperature drops when fall arrives! Well, now that I am back, it has definitely not disappointed. God bless you, St. Louis.

DSC_1385 DSC_1390 DSC_1375DSC_1388

Wearing: J.Crew shirt, MINKPINK skirt, Ivanka Trump booties (similar here & here), Kate Spade Earrings + Watch,  J.Crew Bracelet (similar), Ray Ban sunnies


At First Blush


she who has lost the art of blushing has lost the most powerful charm of beauty.”

I am a blusher. Like…big time. There is no point in me even trying to hide it. In most cases, I can only pray that the eyes of others fail to notice the burning red on my cheeks, though the heat radiating around my face is overwhelmingly evident to me. Sometimes I think that this natural reddening is a sort of Karma that straight-up yells, “yeah you can try to hide your emotions and pretend to be all strong, but your efforts are useless!” {insert nature’s evil laugh}. NOT. FUNNY. I’m looking at you…:

  • a particular barista at my local coffee shop
  • a wink from a stranger
  • that black stunner of a dress hanging in my closet {reserved for only  special occasions}
  • a compliment or a simple word of acknowledgment from a role model
  • the common social situation where everyone in the room understands the joke, and I’m sitting there completely flummoxed by what just happened, thus becoming another part of the joke myself.

Here is just another part of life that I cannot control, but I’ve come to accept its inevitability. Heck, if it’s true that blushing is, in fact, a powerful charm of beauty, it should be something I embrace, right?

That all being said, it should come as no surprise that “blush” is actually one of my favorite colors to don on a normal basis. Thought it really doesn’t do anything for my skin tone or hair color, it matches my cheeks, right?

Just Call Me Edgar

22-oconnor-quoteThis is a long one…ready? 

Dear Flannery O’Connor, thank you for understanding me.

Do you ever find yourself stuck in those interrogation-like social situations in which, when asked a direct question,  you know exactly how to answer the question but instead end up rambling on and on, finding it quite impossible to say what you are really thinking? Is that just nerves? Fear of saying the wrong thing? Simple inability to pinpoint the correct dictionary word? Straight-up social awkwardness? Whatever it is, I suffer from it. It’s a realization that I came to recently, an awareness of how hard I often find it to speak what I know and feel. For some unfounded reason, my brain and heart say one thing, but my mouth ends up blurting out “I mean…it wasn’t bad,” when asked how a date went…on the night of the date…by the guy who asked you out {PALM TO FOREHEAD}.

Why is conversation, specifically the “important” kind (e.g. interviews, DTRs, general tough-but-need-to-be-had chats), super difficult? When such situations come about, I feel completely and utterly stupid (in the most literal sense of the word). All of the knowledge that I know and have seems stuck inside, unable to escape the bounds of my body. Unable to escape, that is, until I put a pen to paper. Vladamir Nabokov put it like this: “I think like a genius, I write like a distinguished author, and I speak like a child.

Like many novelists and writers, I seem smarter in print than in person. Scratch that. I don’t just “seem to be,” I definitely am. When I write, I express opinions that I have never {and maybe will never} utter in conversation and that, if I was not writing, maybe would never have come to mind.

Fortunately (and I say fortunately because now I don’t feel as seriously crazy), Edgar Allen Poe completely summarizes my condition.

People talk about thinking, but for my part, I never think except when I sit down to write.

Writing doesn’t simply aid in the organization of my thoughts – though it does do just that – but it actually creates thoughts.

I once took an English Composition class from a professor that taught me the art of the “shitty first draft.” Essentially, her working theory was that if you start writing with just the topic in mind, no set form or outline, or even thesis statement, and just lay (aka word vomit) all of your ideas and random thoughts onto paper (or type it if you must), eventually that “AH-HA” moment comes along as soon as you write  that one genius statement that pinpoints the idea you could not form aloud.

Needless to say, the “shitty first draft” is my catalyst for every paper, blog post, letter, or draft of a hard conversation.

Something clicks when I simply start to jot down my thoughts, something that will eventually occur on a typed word doc and (hopefully) one day in conversation. Everything from the flow of ideas to the exact (may I suggest perfect?) wording of a phrase comes together in harmony, harmony that rarely occurs in face-to-face conversation or speech. I wonder if there is a scientific basis for this. Some scientist somewhere must have researched why brilliant writers are terrible speakers and storytellers. Those same scientists may then be able to explain why eloquent orators can barely manage to put words onto a page.

Remember in middle school when we learned about different sides/cortices of the brain? I would bet money that somewhere in the anatomy of the brain lays the answer. I would guess that, when I write, different neurons are at work that charmingly translates my thoughts into words. But if forced to speak, a totally separate set of neurons and brain functions make different connections which, in my opinion, are far inferior to those made with a pen in my hand, ultimately resulting in me stumbling over my words, pausing to search the dictionary stored in my brain that always fails me when put on the conversationalist spot. Crap. Maybe I should just walk around with a pen in my hand in order to trick my brain into thinking that it’s about to write (or a paper clip to act as a lightning rod for thoughts…Maid in Manhattan reference anyone??).

 So is there a remedy for this conversational awkwardness that plagues my everyday life? Is there some sort of step-by-step process that will help me take the clarity that comes out when I write and have that same fluidity when I speak? Most likely, the answer is probably just practice. Either that, or people are just going to have to get used to my introverted, awkward self continually struggling to put words into a sentence out loud. Well, I’m not ok with the latter, so I guess it comes down to practice. Do I have any takers willing to sit with me for hours and just talk? Don’t all jump up at once…I’ll give you until my next blog post to respond.

A Cup of Joe


It’s no secret that I am a coffee shop junkie. I mean, they probably should have just stuck a cot in Two Story for me last year since I was practically a resident. There is something about the smell, the people (and the people-watching), and the overall calm atmosphere of the oasis that is a coffee shop that makes me feel right at home.

Want to know a secret though? Half the time I am at these shops, I’m drinking tea, not coffee. I am one of the sad few that gets seriously affected by caffeine, and if I have it after about noon, I’ll be jittery and awake all night. However, if I make it to a shop in the wee hours of the morning, you’ll see me gulping down a large vanilla latte.

Today, as I hunkered down in a nearby coffee shop {this seems to be the start of most of my stories…}, I paused my cover-letter-writing to use the lou and read the contents below on a poster as they filled the walls.  GENIUS. Mostly, I was just so impressed with the continual play on coffee-related words, but then again I pretty much love any sort of saying involving coffee. See for yourself, and enjoy!


All I need to know about life, I learned from drinking coffee.

We all have to do the daily grind.
If the spoon doesn’t dissolve, it ain’t coffee.
Better Latte than never.
A day without coffee is like night… you sleep through it.
I am productive! I am productive! I am productive!
Automatic drip defines most people’s personalities.
Stand your grounds.
Espresso yourself.
I love the caffeine, it’s the rich taste I could do without.
Decaf is if Sissies.
Take two cups and call me in the middle of the night.
Don’t stop till you are shaking.
Who needs sleep when you’ve got coffee?
There’s no rest for the caffeinated.
Impatience is a virtue.
Man cannot live by coffee alone – donuts are pretty essential too.
There is no such thing as a free refill.
It’s OK to be full of beans sometimes.
And remember as you grind your way through life, you are never alone when you’ve got Joe.