At First Blush


she who has lost the art of blushing has lost the most powerful charm of beauty.”

I am a blusher. Like…big time. There is no point in me even trying to hide it. In most cases, I can only pray that the eyes of others fail to notice the burning red on my cheeks, though the heat radiating around my face is overwhelmingly evident to me. Sometimes I think that this natural reddening is a sort of Karma that straight-up yells, “yeah you can try to hide your emotions and pretend to be all strong, but your efforts are useless!” {insert nature’s evil laugh}. NOT. FUNNY. I’m looking at you…:

  • a particular barista at my local coffee shop
  • a wink from a stranger
  • that black stunner of a dress hanging in my closet {reserved for only  special occasions}
  • a compliment or a simple word of acknowledgment from a role model
  • the common social situation where everyone in the room understands the joke, and I’m sitting there completely flummoxed by what just happened, thus becoming another part of the joke myself.

Here is just another part of life that I cannot control, but I’ve come to accept its inevitability. Heck, if it’s true that blushing is, in fact, a powerful charm of beauty, it should be something I embrace, right?

That all being said, it should come as no surprise that “blush” is actually one of my favorite colors to don on a normal basis. Thought it really doesn’t do anything for my skin tone or hair color, it matches my cheeks, right?