Everything’s Better in Leather


OH. THANK. HEAVENS…Y’ALL I can wear boots again. And Leather. And Plaid. Aka, I am now the happiest girl alive. Scratch that, I’ll be the happiest when the Cardinals win the world series again this year, but we don’t have to talk about just yet. Fall means oh so many wonderful things:  Dropping temperatures, oktoberfests, playoff baseball, Saturday tailgates, college football, Halloween, MY BIRTHDAY … to name a few. One thing I miss about the Midwest is how quickly the temperature drops when fall arrives! Well, now that I am back, it has definitely not disappointed. God bless you, St. Louis.

DSC_1385 DSC_1390 DSC_1375DSC_1388

Wearing: J.Crew shirt, MINKPINK skirt, Ivanka Trump booties (similar here & here), Kate Spade Earrings + Watch,  J.Crew Bracelet (similar), Ray Ban sunnies



This is Not my Boyfriend’s


Yesterday, taking advantage of the gorgeous Georgia spring weather, Christian and I decided to take a stroll around downtown Athens (with the ulterior motive of going just because we are seniors and getting seriously sentimental about leaving our college town…I don’t want to talk about it). In the conversation lull between catching up on weekend happenings and commenting on the weather, I made the offhanded comment of “Don’t you wish we could just wear boy’s clothes sometimes and not get judged for it?”

Now let’s be honest for a second: typical college-girl wear is an oversized flannel (and t-shirt in warmer months), jeans/jorts, and flip flow. But no…this is not the boy-wear I was speaking of. I was referring to more of the polished look than the I-just-rolled-out-of-bed-and-don’t-feel-like-wearing-anything-flattering-or-tight-fitting look.

Some of the most effortlessly chic outfits I see and wear myself are the ones that include boyfriend-inspired elements. Correct me if I’m wrong, but who doesn’t love a girl in a plain white tee, flattering (aka well-fitting) boyfriend jeans, sandals, and a statement piece of jewelry? Yes, I am wearing this exact outfit right now, and yes I feel damn sexy.

I do not intend on starting to fill my closet with pieces from the men’s department, mainly because I refuse to give up my fun floral skirts, sky-high heels, and lace tops. That being the case, there is still something to be said for menswear-inspired women’s wear. I get it – boys don’t want to see me in slouchy clothes all the time just like I’d prefer men not to wear jeans and shirts that look like they’ve been spray-painted on. There is, of course, something empowering about feeling and dressing like a woman, but every now and then, I opt for laid-back-chic in my boyfriend jeans OR oversized tee.

My muse: Helena from Brooklyn Blonde . Her style is the perfect balance of feminine and comfort, with eclectic and unique ensembles. She brilliantly balances lengths and layers, and her blog is my go-to guide to when to wear heels with jeans (aka EVERY DAY!) and what type of shirt to pair with my crazy floral jeans.

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I don’t know what it is, but I think some of these simpler tops and slouched jeans just calms down my outfits. I have a tendency to sometimes over-accessorize or go overboard on prints, but the touches of classic menswear gives outfits a much-needed balance! Enjoy showing up your man in clothes he wishes he could pull off.



Onward Reserve


I have been living in the south for 4 years now, and if there is one thing I’ve learned here, it’s that southern mamas raise there boys to dress proper{ly}. I will shamelessly confess that one of my original draws to the south was to find myself a true southern gentleman – I’m talking the whole package: yes ma’ams and tailgating, bow ties and fishing, seersucker pants and visors, and a killer collection of vineyard vines & southern proper tees.

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{Unfortunately, I’ve had no such luck…yet. I’m still holding out hope. Maybe my lack of a southern accent is hindering me in this field}

I mentioned last week that I have been in an oddly preppy mood as of late. That mood was only heightened by my recent trip to the Onward Reserve store in Downtown Athens this weekend.

Combine my preppy mood with my love of dressing fellas, and it’s really no wonder that this store immediately became my haven. Not only do they stock premiere southern apparel from brands such as Coast, Southern Proper, Vineyard Vines, and Five Mile, but they also offer small gadgets, accessories, and gifts for any dapper gentleman! I was even able to pick up three gifts for my brother, a boy so firmly against southern culture and dress. (Just a small ploy of mine to add some class and southern charm to this life).  Because he would hate me if I dressed him, I instead went for this Whiskey Ball,  the PERFECT and unique gift! I know nothing about drinking whiskey, but, according to the guy that worked there, it’s awesome and doesn’t water down your drink. I also picked up a pocket knife and a SICK leather wallet with bullet detail.

This little store embodies southern charm and sophistication, and I hope that one day I will be lucky enough to purchase clothing from here! But for the outdoorsman, the frat star, the relaxed collegiate, the man who values style, or even a belle as keen on dressing men as me, Onward Reserve is your one-stop destination for all things Southern. (shop them online here).

While I am still a serious sucker for the backwards baseball cap + well-fitting jeans + t-shirt + pull-over look, don’t expect me to say no to this southern style of dress anytime soon.

Staying Proper,


Photo Credit: Southern Gentleman (if you want a peak into the world of a frat star, check this out), Southern Proper, Onward Reserve

Basic Training


Alright, let’s get chatty about a problem; a  problem much bigger than you and me, a problem so serious that it should be of the highest importance to every girl and boy —>

My Wardrobe.

The sad part is that I am totally NOT kidding. And this is why: I think I’ve found myself sucked into a blogosphere in which I am constantly comparing my clothes, shoes, accessories, and overall life to the ones I see in pictures, thus being never completely satisfied with my current state. I am actually starting to miss the  high school days — remember when a girl’s “dressing” problems consisted of whether or not your outfit was too “immodest” for school? Now, as I grow older, it’s all about whether you are dawning the newest Lulu Frost necklace, Jimmy Choo heels, and Tibi dress. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am obsessed with each of those brands and am completely in awe of their designs. But, let’s be honest, I just cannot afford to swoon over them so much on a college budget or even base salary.


Did you all read this post on A Piece of Toast about blogging competition? If no–DO IT. It’s perceptive, genius, and oh so true. The same competition that Sally & Molly found in the blogging world is the same type of competition that exists in outfit + closet composition. There is one part in particular that smacked me straight in the face:

“The competitiveness of who does it better, who’s numbers are higher, who gets the best brand collaborations, who’s wearing and carrying what, and who’s doing xyz – it’s all so silly to even speculate on.  What we loved about blogging in the first place was that everyone got to do their own thing and build a unique brand that was solely based on themselves… Why waste energy on comparing?  We are all different!”

If I lived in Dallas, I would personally seek these girls out and hug them for setting me straight. What they realized about blogging directly applies to shopping & fashion. Personal style is not something copied or bought. It is a process, one that comes most definitely through the inspiration of others. But that inspiration should be based on seeing how others have evolved, how they have donned so many different styles until they found one that was truly and completely ALL them. There’s a reason that I look at the blogs of women that I admire so much and still manage to say, “uh. no. I would never wear that in a million years.” Is it high fashion? Most definitely. Is it on trend? Absolutely. Does that mean that I NEED it in my wardrobe and should spend $500 on a shirt that will be out of “style” by the end of summer? No. This is not at all an attack on the brilliant ladies that have taken their style to blogs. I stand in awe of them despite their designer digs but more because I can also see the way they flawlessly style pieces from Zara, H&M, Gap, J.Crew, and especially vintage finds that any girl can find if she puts the effort in.

So what exactly does this all mean? Well, I’d say it’s a call to action. A call to not “reinvent” my wardrobe (and yours) but more like a call to return to the basics: define yourself first and then define your style from there. It’s a call to not buy every single new amazing, beautiful, trendy piece for each new season, but rather to stick to the staples, pieces that will not go out of style, and splurge on a couple of trendy pieces for that little bit of sass and swag that every outfit requires. One of my best friends in the whole world – Christian – does this better than anyone I know. Sticking to basic, comfortable pieces is her forte, and she does it on a college budget and still manages to look flawless. Basics are like a white canvas ready to be accessorized with colors and stand out pieces that show personality.

Ready? Me too. I’m ready to go sit in my closet for hours, take inventory of my clothing, stop trying to copy the top influencers in the blogosphere but rather try to be inspired by them to create a style all my own. Take ownership. Be you. That’s all.




NYC State of Mind


BOOOM! It’s finally here–my long-awaited trip to New York City commences in (count ’em) TWO DAYS! I’ve been dreaming, planning, packing, and preparing for this trip for months now, and I absolutely cannot wait to finally land in the fashion capital of the U.S.! I’ve vowed to make this my one last hooray with winter. My sweaters and boots and scarves and hats will get 5 more short days of wear before I pack them up and fully embrace March + Spring (aka neon, floral, flats, light denim).

When I asked my friend Olivia exactly what to pack, this was her advice: “dress well because you never know what will happen or who you will meet.” OMG pressure. 5 days = 10 outfits right?! False. I don’t have time or room in my suitcase for 10 outfits, because, well, it’s NYC…my shopping addiction is bound to get the best of me so I should probably leave some room in my bag for some goodies and newbies. The question now becomes: what to pack. This is my thought–pack clothing that can take you straight from a day traipsing around the city to a night out on the town.

Images via: This Time Tomorrow, dreams+jeans, Gal Meets Glam, Atlantic-Pacific, Eat.Sleep.Wear

The key that I”m finding=layers. Cozy sweaters, skinny jeans, tights, flats (and/or heels depending on how big of a purse I bring), a chic hat and scarf. That I can do. Unfortunately, I don’t have the closets, the connections, or (admittedly) the fashion sense of these ladies. So for a 22-year-old college student, this is my idea of a perfect outfit for a day out in NYC in 50 degree weather in early March.


Look forward to real pictures of my trip coming up next week! Until then–



Queen of Spades




My Kate Spade obsession is currently at its peak after being able to enjoy an actual Kate Spade store in STL over Christmas Break as opposed to shopping and viewing online. I normally stay away from pink, but I could not afford to pass up this clever & stunning fabric clutch with its #popofcolorIMG_1576

{Sunnies: Anthropology, Nook Cover: Kate Spade NY}



{Boots: Ivanka Trump; Leather Skirt: Hinge @ Nordstrom (old); Jacket: JCrew, Arm Candy: Le Mer, Sisa @ BLUSH; Clutch: Kate Spade New York}