I’ve Moved

It’s official. I’ve moved! Hop on over HERE.


Season for Change

Liz_4_51625 day blog hiatus. Unintentional, yes. Necessary, absolutely. I am full of updates, so hold tight.

First and foremost, holy October! My favorite month has seriously passed in the blink of an eye. With Baseball Season winding down, I am walking around with a sense of impending doom, for what in the world am I suppose to do from November-April until the sport which I literally live by comes back around. Honestly, I’m not sure, but it’s sure to include some sort of sport depression. Don’t judge me; we all have that one thing, be it a sport, a hobby, a job, or whatever, that gives us just a little extra meaning in life. It may be a little bit shallow that my “one thing” is baseball, but when you grow up in a Baseball Town, it’s kind of engrained in you from birth to live and die by the Cardinals.

Up next, the little thing I like to call the real world, aka living and employment. As you know {or maybe you didn’t}, I interned over the summer in Birmingham, AL. At the end of my internship, I was unfortunately left with no income to support my rent, so I moved back home to St. Louis. Unsure about the future, I took an opportunity to be a product ambassador for a company in St. Louis that I had had my eye set on since college. At first it sounded like the perfect job to lead into the Marketing  department at that company. However, as I got further and further into the specifics and job functions of the ambassadorship, I quickly realized that this is not who I want to work for and not exactly what I want to do. Gotta learn somehow, right? Call it faith, call it fate, call it divine intervention, but I got a call from the Birmingham company not long into my ambassadorship, offering me a full-time, permanent job in the brand management team. Long story short, I move back to the grand ole South in a week {eeekk}. Big changes, a lot of “adult” conversations, but I could not be more excited to “restart” in Birmingham. That being said, I now have to decorate and furnish a new studio that I just secured. For the first time in my life, I will be living by my lonesome, which is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Finally, taking a break definitely gave me a new perspective on my creative outlet. I’ve come to realize that with growing up, with a transition between student and adult, I have also grown out of a few things. One of them, oddly enough, is this blog. I didn’t really know what I wanted this space to be about when I started. It was more of an aspiration to be like all the fabulous {or, at least fabulous on the surface} bloggers that I began following a few years ago. As I’ve learned more about what these ladies do, how they work, and what truly goes into managing and continually running a blog, I have felt the need to alter my direction a bit. I do want this to still be “my” space to organize, to post, and to share all of those bookmarks on my computer that don’t quite have a place to. I want it to be a place where conversation and creativity abounds. I also want it to be somewhere that embodies “me,” and right now RFM does not. I am in the process of designing a new blog, and I’ll post and transition to that new site as soon as it is done and perfect. So for now, stick tight. My posts may be spastic and random, but big things are on the horizon!

Until the new start-up occurs, stay tuned, and Go Cardinals!



Birthday Wishes

Birthday Wishes

Jacket// necklace// Skirt (similar)// bracelet//Zoe Karssen tee//Satchel//Slingbacks

It’s hard to believe that next week I’ll be turning 23 years old.  So where exactly is the typical 23 year old suppose to be in life? Married? Secure Job? Well-traveled? I can’t quite say for a fact where I “wish” I was, because I honestly am pretty happy where I am. I have the world at my finger tips, all the ambition in the world, and friends that love me and that I can count on. What more can I ask for?  I have a feeling that I’m going to treat myself to a 23rd birthday present and then {hopefully} take a shopping diet until Christmas. All of these gems are pretty tempting though.


State of Things


In short: Chaos. You would think that when one particular part of my life was up in the air, I would balance that uncertainty out by keeping order in other parts. False. Fall is taking a bit of a toll on my skin, I’ve tried 4 different shampoo/conditioners in the past 2 weeks and my hair is still not cooperating, and it has been almost 3 weeks since I moved back to St. Louis from Birmingham, and my room/my brother’s old room/my closet are still in an epic state of chaos in need of disaster relief. No matter how hard I try to organize, the fact that yet another move (my 4th move – my 4th city – in 4 months…this has got to stop) may take place in the next month keeps me from *cough* unpacking.

Call it typical post-grad syndrome, but I am slightly dying to escape into an even greater unknown.  I blame this urge on Hannah —  a best friend of mine that I need /am dying to talk to — who is across the world in Switzerland until December. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I weekly look up flights to Europe, hoping for a deep enough discount to rationalize a spontaneous trip abroad. Dreaming? Absolutely, but dreams are good for the soul.

Honestly, at this point all I can think is – Thank God for Playoff Baseball and what I’m calling “Live Music October.” Obviously, as a sports/baseball fanatic, nothing pleases my heart more than seeing my team clinch a spot in the playoffs. Other October goodness? I’ve booked myself at 8 concerts this next month, artists that all rank in my Top 10 favorites. There is also something about concerts and live music that instantly calm me. Maybe it’s the talent portrayed. Maybe it’s the lyrics. Maybe it’s the environment. Whatever it is, it is seriously therapeutic and JUST what I need in the midst of a chaotic life.

This feeling will pass. The unknown will turn into settling down. I’ll find a yellow brick road to follow. Dear self: sit back, relax, and enjoy the crazy ride that we call life.

{Eight} Things

The always-random 8 things that are on my mind as of…well, now. Enjoy!

  1. I think I have found my new makeup obsession: Yves Saint Laurent. I purchased this luminizing pen and this eye roller last week to try to manage those pesky under-eye circles, and I must say that I am super impressed.
  2. Those jeans. Those rips. That top. That whole outfit. Lusting over here.
  3. The power suit is back? The WSJ seems to think so.
  4. Blogger Spotlight: My style icon, Krystal Bick. And these latest three outfits are just to DIE for. (123)
  5. Carrot Cake. You can never go wrong baking a Southern Living cake. The how-to video (here) was shot at SPC and I got the unique chance to visit the production studio this week and watch them make more how-to guides. Now, not only do I understand more of technical jargon,  but I am also dying to go home and utilize every bit of myrecipes.com and create a wonderful dinner for myself.
  6. Any other Midwest babies out there that are also headed off to EST? No worries, Buzzfeed has everything you need to know right here
  7. I’m going a bit stir crazy watching all of the fall clothing come into stores yet knowing I can’t wear these lovely pieces for at least two months when the weather will cool down (hopefully). Until then, I’ll limit myself to simply lusting over them on Pinterest.
  8. Training has officially begun for the Athens Half Marathon this October! It will mark my first ever half, and there is no where I would rather accomplish a dream than right back in my own college town. Last week marked my furthest run to date: 7.4 miles. Comin’ at ya, Athens!

Welcome, weekend. You have been much-anticipated. Time to relax, get a facial, and clean my house. Sounds perfect except for that last part, right?

Ta for now …

No a{pologie}s here


Last night I found this wonderful little gift in my mailbox: the August Anthropologie catalog. Can we just talk about how absolutely perfect the clothing is but ALSO how absolutely perfect the Tuscany setting is? As if I didn’t have wanderlust already. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I purchased this little number last weekend and could not wait to rock it during my last week of work (insert sad face). Let’s just take a look together at fall perfection:

Tuscany10 anthro 1 anthro 2 anthro 3 anthro 4 anthro 5 Tuscany1 Tuscany4 Tuscany5

I mean come on….

Let’s go ahead and add this catalog to the list of reasons that I cannot wait for and absolutely love fall.

Happy Tuesday!

The Magic of The Game



Scene: I’m sitting at our dining room table eating dinner and watching the Cardinals play the Phillies on MLB.TV {quite possibly the best investment I have ever made}. As I sit fist pumping and yyyyeeeeaaaaahhhh-ing after a win, my sweet roommate pops her head in from the other room and says : “You love baseball more than any girl I have ever met.”

Best. Compliment. of. My. Life.

I love baseball. I love everything about the sport. I don’t believe, nor do I care about, the common phrase floating around that Football is now “America’s Pastime.” Not a fat chance. Baseball is perfect. There is nothing flawed in the game. I mean it is built around a diamond for goodness sake. The sport has gone through its share of changes, but the fans have stayed with it, and the sport has stayed popular. Football has been around for what..60? 70? years. Baseball-Circa 1839…thats 174 years.

Let me break it down for you as to why Baseball reigns supreme as America’s perfect pastime:

  • No Time Limit: In almost every sport, you are really playing against two opponents: the team you are facing, and the clock. Except for baseball, that is. Instead, you have 27 outs. Unless you’re tied, then we {as fans} will sit tight and give you three more outs to score. Still tied? It’s cool, they are still selling beer and I don’t mind staying longer in the ballpark
  • Rivalries: I venture to say that some sport rivalries are media-created, pit teams against one another and let the hype commence and bandwagon fans jump on. You can’t manufacture baseball rivalries. They evolve naturally and slowly, characterized by proximity, parity, history, and commonality. As much as I’d love to boast the fierceness of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry, I think the fiercest of the MLB rivalries is this: Yankees vs Everyone Else.
  • Equal Opportunity: If you’re old, you manage the team. If you’re young, you’re your favorite team’s biggest fan. If you can’t hit, maybe you can pitch. If you can’t pitch, well then mark your spot as the world’s best bat boy. Baseball doesn’t handpick athletes.
  • Playoff System: argue what you will, but making the playoffs is hard as hell after 162 games. And personally, I live for the “I play for October” commercials.
  • Ballparks: Ivy at Wrigley, tacky orange seats at Sun Life, the Green Monster at Fenway, the arch seen in the outfield of Busch. In the ballpark, you know exactly what city you’re in and who you are there to cheer for. The history of Fenway and Wrigley is renown, but the history of the game is alive in every ballpark you enter.
  • “Take me Out to the Ballgame” – I mean, what other sport has a theme song? (a-one, a-two, a-three..sing with all of Wrigley)
  • The Pants – not explanation needed
  • The magic: I can’t quite pinpoint the true magical element that is the sport of baseball, but it’s there.

I will root for the Cardinals until the day I die. I will welcome the games on my TV, my computer, my phone, my workout machine at the gym, and the old school but always phenomenal radio broadcast.

I love baseball for its timelessness. As Roger Angell wrote: “Keep the rally alive, and you have defeated time.”

{Hearting} Hart of Dixie

100512-hart-of-dixie-lead-623Raise your hand if you love Rachel Bilson and thus religiously watch Hart of Dixie on CW? (…confession: my hand shot up). Yes, cheesy rom-coms are my weakness, and Hart of Dixie is no exception. Despite shamelessly loving the whole concept of a city girl entering a deep southern world, I can’t seem to forgive myself for missing a single episode because all I want in this life is for Zoe and George to finally be together. But let’s get to my favorite aspect of the show:: style.

I continually GUSH over Rachel Bilson’s outfits on the show, but, oddly enough, I am starting to really love the southern style that Lemon (aka Jamie King) flawlessly rocks. Step back from the show’s story line for a second, and can you see how the show (or the wardrobe coordinators to be more specific) combines city chic with country class? It’s a beautiful contrast, a speaks to the wardrobe identity crisis that I experience every day.

Instyle.com recently posted a photo slideshow called Hart of Dixie’s Fashion Credits, and I’ve picked some of my favorite looks from the many photos to share with you…just in case you weren’t obsessed with the show’s style already. The best part: InStyle supplied the names of the designers! Jackpot. Now you can shop the show right along with yours truly.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Some Thoughts:

  • Only Rachel Bilson could still look downright gorgeous in a tank, boyfriend jeans, and a bandana. 
  • I have a new girl crush on Jamie King. Stunning.
  • New designer finds thanks to HoD: Sea NY, Reformation, Gryphon, & Vanessa Bruno
  • NEW EPISODE Tuesday (tomorrow) at 8/7c on CW!

Watch and love along with me!



{Eight} Things

My To-Do list over this lovely MLK Weekend!

1. Take a day trip with friends// 2. Take to the Streets looking Chic// 3. Experiment with Colors!// 4. anyone who says diamonds are a girl’s best friend has never owned a puppy//  5. Play Dress Up! Explore your closet and create new outfits from old pieces// 6. Crack open that book (or magazine in my case) that’s gathering dust// 7. Entertain. Enjoy Company. Try your hand at cooking// 8. Pop open that bubbly, lady! You’ve earned it

Enjoy your day off!


Photo Credits: Sunnies + Stilettos, Sterling Style, Free People

Holiday Shopping Incentive




Sale Alert! Sale Alert!

A Shopaholic’s Kryptonite: A Shopbop sale! Perfectly timed for my holiday shopping!

On my Wish List:

1. J-Brand 612 Pencil Leg Corduroy Pants. I am simply thrilled at the return of corduroy to the pants line up this fall/winter. Despite my flashbacks to the oh-so-poor corduroy fashion choices in middle school, I think I can find a way to rock these

2. T by Alexander Wang Neoprene Inverted Pleat Dress: a) you can’t go wrong with a LBD this holiday season (this also comes in a Rust color). b) PLEATS! c) it’s the perfect length dress to rock either sky high heels or flat boots  and tights with!

3. B Brian Atwood Fragola Cap Toe Bootie: killer heeled booties with a cap toe. duh.

4. Vince Popover Tunic : simple and easy. There’s not much more you can ask for in a tunic

5. Rachel Zoe Adrienne Lace up Bootie: simply put–I would KILL for these shoes

6. See by Chloe High heel Wallabee Bootie


Happy Shopping! Wish my bank account luck. xo