Season for Change

Liz_4_51625 day blog hiatus. Unintentional, yes. Necessary, absolutely. I am full of updates, so hold tight.

First and foremost, holy October! My favorite month has seriously passed in the blink of an eye. With Baseball Season winding down, I am walking around with a sense of impending doom, for what in the world am I suppose to do from November-April until the sport which I literally live by comes back around. Honestly, I’m not sure, but it’s sure to include some sort of sport depression. Don’t judge me; we all have that one thing, be it a sport, a hobby, a job, or whatever, that gives us just a little extra meaning in life. It may be a little bit shallow that my “one thing” is baseball, but when you grow up in a Baseball Town, it’s kind of engrained in you from birth to live and die by the Cardinals.

Up next, the little thing I like to call the real world, aka living and employment. As you know {or maybe you didn’t}, I interned over the summer in Birmingham, AL. At the end of my internship, I was unfortunately left with no income to support my rent, so I moved back home to St. Louis. Unsure about the future, I took an opportunity to be a product ambassador for a company in St. Louis that I had had my eye set on since college. At first it sounded like the perfect job to lead into the Marketing  department at that company. However, as I got further and further into the specifics and job functions of the ambassadorship, I quickly realized that this is not who I want to work for and not exactly what I want to do. Gotta learn somehow, right? Call it faith, call it fate, call it divine intervention, but I got a call from the Birmingham company not long into my ambassadorship, offering me a full-time, permanent job in the brand management team. Long story short, I move back to the grand ole South in a week {eeekk}. Big changes, a lot of “adult” conversations, but I could not be more excited to “restart” in Birmingham. That being said, I now have to decorate and furnish a new studio that I just secured. For the first time in my life, I will be living by my lonesome, which is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Finally, taking a break definitely gave me a new perspective on my creative outlet. I’ve come to realize that with growing up, with a transition between student and adult, I have also grown out of a few things. One of them, oddly enough, is this blog. I didn’t really know what I wanted this space to be about when I started. It was more of an aspiration to be like all the fabulous {or, at least fabulous on the surface} bloggers that I began following a few years ago. As I’ve learned more about what these ladies do, how they work, and what truly goes into managing and continually running a blog, I have felt the need to alter my direction a bit. I do want this to still be “my” space to organize, to post, and to share all of those bookmarks on my computer that don’t quite have a place to. I want it to be a place where conversation and creativity abounds. I also want it to be somewhere that embodies “me,” and right now RFM does not. I am in the process of designing a new blog, and I’ll post and transition to that new site as soon as it is done and perfect. So for now, stick tight. My posts may be spastic and random, but big things are on the horizon!

Until the new start-up occurs, stay tuned, and Go Cardinals!




Everything’s Better in Leather


OH. THANK. HEAVENS…Y’ALL I can wear boots again. And Leather. And Plaid. Aka, I am now the happiest girl alive. Scratch that, I’ll be the happiest when the Cardinals win the world series again this year, but we don’t have to talk about just yet. Fall means oh so many wonderful things:  Dropping temperatures, oktoberfests, playoff baseball, Saturday tailgates, college football, Halloween, MY BIRTHDAY … to name a few. One thing I miss about the Midwest is how quickly the temperature drops when fall arrives! Well, now that I am back, it has definitely not disappointed. God bless you, St. Louis.

DSC_1385 DSC_1390 DSC_1375DSC_1388

Wearing: J.Crew shirt, MINKPINK skirt, Ivanka Trump booties (similar here & here), Kate Spade Earrings + Watch,  J.Crew Bracelet (similar), Ray Ban sunnies


Travel Guide: St. Louis {Part 2}


Whoops…been away a bit too long. I cannot quite say that I have had nothing to write about. Rather, my mind has not stopped racing since I got back to St. Louis with a move to another new city for the summer coming up and missing the college town that I just left. But hey, what better way to ease the mind than to play tourist for a bit and enjoy the sights of St. Louis…again.

I can’t help myself – this city just never gets old and I always seem to find new places that I have never seen before. {Warning: these are probably my 5 favorite places in St. Louis, so prepare for lots of pictures}

1. Central West End

IMG_2978 IMG_2985 IMG_2982  IMG_0345 IMG_0346

— With its unbeatable charm, unique shops, assortment of restaurants and coffee shops, and prime spots for people-watching, few neighborhoods in St. Louis can compete with the charm of the Central West End. I can easily spend hours walking around the streets of CWE, both in the business district as well as strolling the neighborhoods that are filled with some of the oldest, most beautiful houses that I’ve ever seen. One stop I never miss:  10denza, a local shop boasting the downright coolest assortment of clothing, accessories, and gifts. The description says it all: “the convergence of pop culture, modern city style, music, and media.” 

2. Anheuser-Busch Brewery

CSC_1217 DSC_1195 DSC_1196  DSC_1199

–I venture to say that this is one of the prides of St. Louis. If you get a chance, you MUST tour this brewery. It is absolutely incredible to see the work that goes into brewing beer, and, to make it even better, you get free beer if you are of age once the tour ends! I mean, come on. The only thing that would make it better would be if the famed Clydesdales were housed near the brewery, but I understand that would be a little difficult in the middle of downtown STL.

3. Cathedral Basilica

IMG_2992   DSC_1205 DSC_1208

–Construction on this landmark began in 1907, but the awe-inspiring assortment of tiled mosaics on the ceiling wasn’t completely finished until 1988. The Cathedral Basilica in St. Louis is believed to have the largest collection of tiled mosaics in the world.  This beauty is worth a quick stop to see and admire the stunning architecture and history comprised in its walls.

4. St. Louis Zoo

IMG_2849 IMG_2868  IMG_2860 IMG_2909 IMG_2920 IMG_2928

–It’s free, it’s located in the middle of the beautiful Forest Park, it’s filled with animals from all over the world, and it brings back a type of childhood joy that is so worth battling the crowds and heat for. The best part: Meri and I got to see the newest addition to the Zoo:: a baby elephant! Who would have thought that a month old, 200 lb baby could bring such excitement and adoration.

4. Forest Park {take 2}

DSC_1176 DSC_1179 DSC_1212 DSC_1214

–I forget how expansive and absolutely stunning Forest Park is, especially when it is illuminated in all of its glory on a perfectly sunny day. It is full of history, full of beauty, and also full of a diverse group of people including runners, golfers, families, tourists, and wanderers. This trip to my favorite park featured the History Museum and the Jewel Box, both of which I have honestly never been to before! Meri showed me the Jewel Box while I just sort of stumbled upon the History Museum yesterday while driving around the park (even though I have been meaning to tour it for like…10 years. Ooops my bad). I’m probably about to offend a lot of NY natives, but after having been to both famed parks::

Forest Park > Central Park

So many gems in this city that I am going to miss seeing so much this summer. The perk: they never get old, just like I never tire of touring my hometown.


Travel Guide: St. Louis {Part 1}


Let’s just get straight to the point of this post: I am absolutely in LOVE with my city. I somehow always let out a slight laugh when I tell people that I am from St. Louis and their immediate response is, “Oh, I’ve never been there.” —- WELL WHY NOT?! It’s only the best city in the country! I may be a bit biased, but three of my best college friends decided to see if the city that I gabbed on and on about was really all I made it out to be. And judging from how much tourist activities, food gorging, and picture-taking we did, I think they really loved it too.

{I must give all the photo credit to Lizzy and Molly, my photography experts. Molly also writes one killer travel blog, so please be sure to check out her adventures here!}

That being said, I am about to embark on a pretty lofty task: to give you a taste of my home as well as a list of my favorite people and places. So let’s get going (side note: it was about 100 degrees when we took these pictures, so don’t be alarmed if you see beads of sweat in every picture) ::

Welcome To St. Louis


1. Downtown

The first stop for any tourist is Downtown St. Louis, Home of Sports (Cardinals, Blues, and Rams), Shopping, Eating, and all things Urban. Of course, we had to hit up the cobble-stoned streets of Laclede’s Landing first, where 19th century architecture meets 21st century dining and entertainment. Here you have a marvelous view of t the Riverfront, and it’s only a short walk to the famed Gateway Arch. Did I mention it was 100 degrees? Good, then it should not come as too much of a surprise that we had to make a pit stop a little north of downtown at Crown Candy, home of the best dang milkshake in all of St. Louis as well as St. Louis’s oldest “soda fountain.”

284833_10151216196626663_2012060355_n 426719_10151216206951663_1893513160_n 300484_10151216206591663_295431085_n 551591_10151216208221663_1194766209_n 402877_10151216218446663_592293280_n

2. Forest Park

Meet me in St. Louis, and then Meet me in Forest Park, home of the 1904 World’s Fair. This beautiful park is home to The Muny, the History and Art Museum, ice rinks, baseball fields, and beautiful scenery. I would not be doing my job as a tour guide if I did not bring my visitors to play around in the World’s Pavilion fountain or to roll down Art Hill.

533241_10151216214711663_784982575_n 543592_10151216209216663_1589667391_n 385974_10151216208516663_1812521255_n

{Did you notice Molly planking in the first picture…yep, that’s Her. }

3. City Creperie

This is far and away my FAVORITE place to eat in St. Louis. Located in downtown Clayton, this little coffee house and creperie serve up the best (breakfast, lunch, and dessert) crepes, salads, and sandwiches, as well as some jalapeño cornbread that is out of this world.

298700_10151216221891663_673321937_n388273_10151216203156663_1721845434_n 556622_10151216215776663_2121390751_n 293177_10151216203461663_262233104_n-1

4. Farmer’s Market

While on the subject of food, we just HAD to stop and get some fresh blueberries and strawberries from the Kirkwood Farmer’s Market. Soulard actually boasts a bigger market, but Kirkwood is my suburban home, so I decided to give them a real taste of my life by taking them to this daily stop of mine.

408297_10151216216506663_660830749_n 10500_10151216210191663_1027654737_n 199106_10151216207056663_1003546530_n


Are you dying to come to St. Louis? Well you should be. If you ever are in town, shoot me a line and I will give you LOADS more places to go and visit! This is just a simple taste of our adventures that weekend, but this city…oh this city…It’s where I want to grow up, grow old, and just…be.

Saying bye to you for me today is one St. Louis’s finest: meet a Budweiser Clydesdale.


Dots and Pops



Anyone unacquainted with St. Louis will realize after 5 minutes of talking to me that I am quite obsessed with my city.  Drive 15 minutes west of Downtown and you will hit my real hometown, aka my “hood” if you will, of Kirkwood, MO. It has charm & character, restaurants & shopping, children with their friendly families, and, witnessed here, great scenery.

{And while we are talking about things that I love, I might as well mention that I love…no, am OBSESSED with these blue swede Dolce Vita booties I received last year for my birthday…I would wear them each and every day if my schedule and weather allowed. They add the right amount of “pop” to this otherwise black and white outfit }

Today, we received a much-needed break from the howling winds and bitter cold that tend to settle over the Midwest throughout the winter months, and temperatures rose enough to allow my sister and I to venture outside, specifically to our little train station in Kirkwood. In the midst of our hectic shopping adventures and Christmas planning, it was nice to just enjoy St. Louis for all that it is.


{From Head to Toe: earrings and necklace– House of Harlow (@BLUSH), blouse (old) & pixie pant-JCrew, Booties- DV by Dolce Vita (old) }


Like everyone else, I am full of jitters to celebrate Christmas in, count it, TWO DAYS! I hope and pray that everyone has a fun, safe, and merry Christmas!


{Photos by: Maggie Duffy}