Happy Weekend!

by tree cover

It wasn’t until I entered the “real world” (for a short time…explanation later) that I really began to value weekends. In school, weekends boasted  a balanced mix of work and play: an assignment was always due on Monday, a project was always looming in the background, and nights lasted until early mornings as I gathered with old and new friends. Weekends now serve their intended purpose: rest and separation from work and from stress. Therefore, God bless weekends.

In recent news, I finished up my fellowship on Friday! It was undoubtedly one of the best 9 weeks of my life – 9 weeks spent learning, engaging, working my butt off, and finally leaving with an even greater sense of what I want to pursue in terms of a career. That being said – now my full-time job has become to find a full-time job (ugh? yay? a little bit of both?). I’m more than excited for the future ahead, I am just antsy to get everything set in stone and finally have some stability.

Meanwhile, I have decided to plan a mini-vacation to congratulate myself for working all summer!  My original thought was a trip in Destin, but now I can’t seem to stop my brain from dreaming of NYC. I guess these are the times when following NYC-based bloggers is so troublesome since I can’t read their posts without wishing I could stand where they do. So what to do? Stay safe, head to Destin where I know the destination like the back of my hand, and simply relax by the ocean? Head to the always bustling NYC to see the sights, brunch like a Queen,  and shop til I drop? Well I’m torn! Oh decisions. I’ll figure it out eventually.

Enjoy your weekend. You’ll find my poolside … weather permitting.



{Eight} Things

The always-random 8 things that are on my mind as of…well, now. Enjoy!

  1. I think I have found my new makeup obsession: Yves Saint Laurent. I purchased this luminizing pen and this eye roller last week to try to manage those pesky under-eye circles, and I must say that I am super impressed.
  2. Those jeans. Those rips. That top. That whole outfit. Lusting over here.
  3. The power suit is back? The WSJ seems to think so.
  4. Blogger Spotlight: My style icon, Krystal Bick. And these latest three outfits are just to DIE for. (123)
  5. Carrot Cake. You can never go wrong baking a Southern Living cake. The how-to video (here) was shot at SPC and I got the unique chance to visit the production studio this week and watch them make more how-to guides. Now, not only do I understand more of technical jargon,  but I am also dying to go home and utilize every bit of myrecipes.com and create a wonderful dinner for myself.
  6. Any other Midwest babies out there that are also headed off to EST? No worries, Buzzfeed has everything you need to know right here
  7. I’m going a bit stir crazy watching all of the fall clothing come into stores yet knowing I can’t wear these lovely pieces for at least two months when the weather will cool down (hopefully). Until then, I’ll limit myself to simply lusting over them on Pinterest.
  8. Training has officially begun for the Athens Half Marathon this October! It will mark my first ever half, and there is no where I would rather accomplish a dream than right back in my own college town. Last week marked my furthest run to date: 7.4 miles. Comin’ at ya, Athens!

Welcome, weekend. You have been much-anticipated. Time to relax, get a facial, and clean my house. Sounds perfect except for that last part, right?

Ta for now …

Creature of…


You guessed it. I am a serious creature of habit. A couple ways that this manifests itself:

  • I am the most brand loyal consumer you can find.
  • I stick to and really like my routines, hence the whole world flips upside down when they break down.
  • I can no longer sleep past 8am as my body has one impeccable inner alarm clock after eight straight years of waking up at 7am (or earlier).
  • Employees of coffee shops, bars, grocery stores, boutiques, and gyms get to know my life story after about a week of me frequenting their establishment.
  • On that note, stop offering  me something new, because my coffee order and beer of choice will never change.
  • For someone who is constantly on the move and hates being inactive and bored, I oddly see no problem in eating the same thing for breakfast everyday and the same thing for dinner 5 out of 7 nights a week.

Now, this could be seen one of two ways. The negative view says: Oh, Sarah, you are dull and un-adventurous. Ouch. Try again. The positive view puts it like this: That girl knows exactly what she wants and likes. I, of course, choose to view my habits in the second way. I know exactly what I like and what I don’t, and I avoid those that I don’t like at all costs. All that to say, I came to the conclusion recently that as much as I’d like to think otherwise, I am simply afraid of change.

Ironic story though:

Last week, after chatting up one of the trainers at my gym, I decided to take him up on an offering of a discount on PT. Not only did I accept because he is super easy on the eyes {can’t help it…sue me}, but also because I know that I have had the same workout routine for, oh, at least a year. I’d say it’s about time my muscles got a challenge. Y’ALL. After the first session, I was sore for 3 days. I can already feel my legs turning to jello after this morning’s butt kicking! I love, maybe even thrive on, the feeling of being sore. It is one of the few times that I see (and feel) change as a positive because I know I accomplished something.

If I thrive on that sort of change, why can’t I change / explore  options in other parts of my life? This particularly pertains to my choices of food as I have been said to be a pretty picky eater. Can’t quite argue with that. I know it’s only August, so I can’t quite make a “new year’s resolution,” but am I allowed to make a “starting a new chapter of my life” resolution? I mean, moving from a student to a working/postgrad life is one of the greatest transitions of anyone’s life, so why not set some resolutions during this time of “starting over.”

With that said, I am going to start a list of ways I want to be a little more adventurous, maybe break my habits a little just to challenge myself to, sorry for the cliché, “keep calm and carry on.” {smooth, right? You’re welcome}. As soon as this list is compiled, I will of course share it!

Happy Thursday to you all. One more day til the weekend!

No a{pologie}s here


Last night I found this wonderful little gift in my mailbox: the August Anthropologie catalog. Can we just talk about how absolutely perfect the clothing is but ALSO how absolutely perfect the Tuscany setting is? As if I didn’t have wanderlust already. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I purchased this little number last weekend and could not wait to rock it during my last week of work (insert sad face). Let’s just take a look together at fall perfection:

Tuscany10 anthro 1 anthro 2 anthro 3 anthro 4 anthro 5 Tuscany1 Tuscany4 Tuscany5

I mean come on….

Let’s go ahead and add this catalog to the list of reasons that I cannot wait for and absolutely love fall.

Happy Tuesday!

The Magic of The Game



Scene: I’m sitting at our dining room table eating dinner and watching the Cardinals play the Phillies on MLB.TV {quite possibly the best investment I have ever made}. As I sit fist pumping and yyyyeeeeaaaaahhhh-ing after a win, my sweet roommate pops her head in from the other room and says : “You love baseball more than any girl I have ever met.”

Best. Compliment. of. My. Life.

I love baseball. I love everything about the sport. I don’t believe, nor do I care about, the common phrase floating around that Football is now “America’s Pastime.” Not a fat chance. Baseball is perfect. There is nothing flawed in the game. I mean it is built around a diamond for goodness sake. The sport has gone through its share of changes, but the fans have stayed with it, and the sport has stayed popular. Football has been around for what..60? 70? years. Baseball-Circa 1839…thats 174 years.

Let me break it down for you as to why Baseball reigns supreme as America’s perfect pastime:

  • No Time Limit: In almost every sport, you are really playing against two opponents: the team you are facing, and the clock. Except for baseball, that is. Instead, you have 27 outs. Unless you’re tied, then we {as fans} will sit tight and give you three more outs to score. Still tied? It’s cool, they are still selling beer and I don’t mind staying longer in the ballpark
  • Rivalries: I venture to say that some sport rivalries are media-created, pit teams against one another and let the hype commence and bandwagon fans jump on. You can’t manufacture baseball rivalries. They evolve naturally and slowly, characterized by proximity, parity, history, and commonality. As much as I’d love to boast the fierceness of the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry, I think the fiercest of the MLB rivalries is this: Yankees vs Everyone Else.
  • Equal Opportunity: If you’re old, you manage the team. If you’re young, you’re your favorite team’s biggest fan. If you can’t hit, maybe you can pitch. If you can’t pitch, well then mark your spot as the world’s best bat boy. Baseball doesn’t handpick athletes.
  • Playoff System: argue what you will, but making the playoffs is hard as hell after 162 games. And personally, I live for the “I play for October” commercials.
  • Ballparks: Ivy at Wrigley, tacky orange seats at Sun Life, the Green Monster at Fenway, the arch seen in the outfield of Busch. In the ballpark, you know exactly what city you’re in and who you are there to cheer for. The history of Fenway and Wrigley is renown, but the history of the game is alive in every ballpark you enter.
  • “Take me Out to the Ballgame” – I mean, what other sport has a theme song? (a-one, a-two, a-three..sing with all of Wrigley)
  • The Pants – not explanation needed
  • The magic: I can’t quite pinpoint the true magical element that is the sport of baseball, but it’s there.

I will root for the Cardinals until the day I die. I will welcome the games on my TV, my computer, my phone, my workout machine at the gym, and the old school but always phenomenal radio broadcast.

I love baseball for its timelessness. As Roger Angell wrote: “Keep the rally alive, and you have defeated time.”

Happy Weekend!


Happy Weekend, lovely! This weekend is a little crazy, and Saturday falls right in the middle of two day-trips for me: one to Atlanta and another to Nashville. You can bet, then, that I will be spending this Saturday -off – day in my pjs for the greater part of the morning, maybe squeezing in a yoga or Pilates class if I get the energy, and catching up on #SUITS tonight. {If you don’t watch Suits, well…shame on you.}

Does anyone else feel like summer is slowly slipping away? I can’t say that I’m complaining, because fall is just my favorite time of the year. But I will miss the slowed-down pace of the summer months as soon as September hits. For now, I’ll sit here and relax and daydream of the vacation I plan on taking come August.

Of course, here’s some links to keep you busy if you are currently laying in bed and refusing to be productive…like me.

+Just another reason why I love the WSJ: the Opinion section. This article on the evolution of #menswear is just genius

+ If you’re reading this and you went to my high school, please add “wanting to crawl under your chair every time Fernando Llama made an appearance” to this list of things we will always remember from Spanish Class

+In honor of Harry Potter weekend, I give you signs that you are Hermione Granger {LOL…but so true}

+ More Harry Potter madness…but I can’t help it. Bless you, Buzzfeed, for keeping me entertained with the 50 hottest dudes from Harry Potter

+When Athens is featured in any newspaper or TV channel, my bulldog heart leaps for joy

In a Runner’s World


I have not always been an avid runner. In fact, I literally despised running until I got to college and realized that walking back and forth between classes would not quite keep me in the shape I was used to being in high school as a year-round competitive swimmer. Out of obligation, then, I started running 1-2 miles…a week, hating every 10-20 minutes and wishing will all my might that I had time in the day to be a mermaid again, to continually smell like chlorine,  and to spend my hours and my workouts in the water.

Fast forward 4 years: I still run out of obligation to staying in shape, but I enjoy every.single.second of it. I have found myself anticipating the times when I get to stick my headphones in, jump on a trail, and zone out, tuning the entire world out as I get lost in the beat of my feet and the beat in my ears. Sure, I have those days that running is just painful, and the enjoyment factor disappears as soon as I cramp up, the humidity starts to wear me out, or I just straight up am not “feeling it” that day. But then come the amazing runs in which I feel like I could run forever, like my feet and legs will never tire. Those runs far outweigh and overshadow the few and far between “bad” runs.

I still find it crazy that I have the ability to run and swim and to push my body to limits I never knew existed. A while back, I read a biography of Eric Liddell, the runner/missionary whose life is depicted in the popular film Chariots of Fire. 1) I highly recommend both the book and the movie. 2) I’ll close with this thought. I think Liddell’s point below explains so much of why I, and athletes in general, find such immense joy in their respective sports:

“God made me fast. And when I run, I feel his pleasure.”

SL Idea{L} House



Say Hello to my future home. Ok — kidding, but Southern Living’s 2013 Idea House is more like an ideaL house than just an idea. In the August issue of Southern Living you will find more details, inside looks, and beautiful photographs of this years Idea House located right outside of Nashville, TN. The SL team handpicked an all-star team to design, build, and decorate the ultimate Southern farmhouse on the grounds of Fontanel, former home of country legend Barbara Mandrell.

One perk of working for Time Inc is that I get the awesome opportunity to visit Nashville this weekend. As I’m sure I’ve said before, I never imagined myself working for a publishing company, but my experience so far has made me never want to leave! But let’s get back to this house. Glimpsing aspects of the planning process and hearing from the “Creative”  behind the Idea House segment of Southern Living literally makes my mouth drop. These men and women work incredibly hard to create not only a true Southern home, but also a home that inspires visitors and readers in their own homes and spaces. I cannot wait to finally tour this wonder of a house as well as work Biscuits & Jam on Sunday, the summer concert series in the courtyard of the Idea House. If you’re in Nashville this weekend, or at any time in the next 6 months, stop by this farm-house turned Southern Beauty for a tour!

And with that introduction :: Come On In and Be Inspired — >



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fontanel-idea-house-guest-bathroom-l fontanel-idea-house-bunkie-l fontanel-idea-house-master-bedroom-l fontanel-idea-house-study-l fontanel-idea-house-porch-swing-l fontanel-idea-house-back-porch-l fontanel-idea-house-living-room-fabric-l fontanel-idea-house-living-room-l





End of Season sales get me every.single. time. I’ve been in denial that my shopping habit was kicking back up to an extreme level as of late, but taking an inventory today of my recent purchases over the past month has made it quite clear: July has been an addition/rebuilding month for my wardrobe. I see this in both a positive and a negative light. The negative: I am on a temp hourly pay right now, which means I probably could not afford most of what I bought. The positive: I didn’t buy anything that a) won’t last me at least a couple of years and b) will go out of style any time soon. Aka, I invested.

This is definitely a first for me, and despite the dent in my bank account, I am pretty proud of my purchases. And can I also add that I didn’t pay full price for ANYTHING?! Baller right here, y’all.

IMG_3274 DSC_1281 DSC_1282 IMG_3295 DSC_1257 DSC_1243 DSC_1244 DSC_1253  DSC_1273  DSC_1287

Heads up:

+Piperlime: 20% off site wide for the next 3 days (includes the up to 70% off sale! — these may be ordered in the next…oh…10 minutes)

+The Outnet – somehow I always forget about this site.

+Shopbop just keeps adding to their already-amazing sale!

+Neiman Marcus // Cusp — this one is a doozy. The End of the Season Sale just kicked off, and there are so many great designers on sale right now.

Good Luck. Stay Hydrated. Happy Shopping Season.