Season for Change

Liz_4_51625 day blog hiatus. Unintentional, yes. Necessary, absolutely. I am full of updates, so hold tight.

First and foremost, holy October! My favorite month has seriously passed in the blink of an eye. With Baseball Season winding down, I am walking around with a sense of impending doom, for what in the world am I suppose to do from November-April until the sport which I literally live by comes back around. Honestly, I’m not sure, but it’s sure to include some sort of sport depression. Don’t judge me; we all have that one thing, be it a sport, a hobby, a job, or whatever, that gives us just a little extra meaning in life. It may be a little bit shallow that my “one thing” is baseball, but when you grow up in a Baseball Town, it’s kind of engrained in you from birth to live and die by the Cardinals.

Up next, the little thing I like to call the real world, aka living and employment. As you know {or maybe you didn’t}, I interned over the summer in Birmingham, AL. At the end of my internship, I was unfortunately left with no income to support my rent, so I moved back home to St. Louis. Unsure about the future, I took an opportunity to be a product ambassador for a company in St. Louis that I had had my eye set on since college. At first it sounded like the perfect job to lead into the Marketing  department at that company. However, as I got further and further into the specifics and job functions of the ambassadorship, I quickly realized that this is not who I want to work for and not exactly what I want to do. Gotta learn somehow, right? Call it faith, call it fate, call it divine intervention, but I got a call from the Birmingham company not long into my ambassadorship, offering me a full-time, permanent job in the brand management team. Long story short, I move back to the grand ole South in a week {eeekk}. Big changes, a lot of “adult” conversations, but I could not be more excited to “restart” in Birmingham. That being said, I now have to decorate and furnish a new studio that I just secured. For the first time in my life, I will be living by my lonesome, which is exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time.

Finally, taking a break definitely gave me a new perspective on my creative outlet. I’ve come to realize that with growing up, with a transition between student and adult, I have also grown out of a few things. One of them, oddly enough, is this blog. I didn’t really know what I wanted this space to be about when I started. It was more of an aspiration to be like all the fabulous {or, at least fabulous on the surface} bloggers that I began following a few years ago. As I’ve learned more about what these ladies do, how they work, and what truly goes into managing and continually running a blog, I have felt the need to alter my direction a bit. I do want this to still be “my” space to organize, to post, and to share all of those bookmarks on my computer that don’t quite have a place to. I want it to be a place where conversation and creativity abounds. I also want it to be somewhere that embodies “me,” and right now RFM does not. I am in the process of designing a new blog, and I’ll post and transition to that new site as soon as it is done and perfect. So for now, stick tight. My posts may be spastic and random, but big things are on the horizon!

Until the new start-up occurs, stay tuned, and Go Cardinals!




Lately + Links


I feel myself falling into the “one post per week” phase, which I didn’t expect to succumb to but, you know, life just happens sometimes. Work is much, MUCH busier than I anticipated, but in a good way! When I’m there, I am completely immersed in information and presentations and research and magazine drama…and I love every single second of it. Other than work, I’m just bopping around Birmingham, eating, going to work, going to the gym, going to bed, repeat 5x per week. Aka nothing interesting.

BUT even though my life isn’t too thrilling at the moment, check out what else is new around the web and around my web of friends:

  • Do yourself a favor and click on over to Southern Living’s blog, The Daily South, and check out the 2013 Idea House that just opened to the public today in Nashville! It is absolutely stunning and I love that I got the chance to see the inner workings of this project and then see the final product. I’m obsessed!
  • I have serious wanderlust as I chat with and hear about Hannah’s adventures in Europe this summer. I must admit that I get a little jealous each time we Facebook chat and her location changes from somewhere in Scotland to the mountains of Switzerland. Follow along with my beautiful friend and her travel updates.  She is currently holding steady in Switzerland at the moment, working at L’Abri {Find out more about this wonderful mission and her experiences on her blog!}
  • I recently got a Tumblr…because, you know, I just needed yet another social media outlet.
  • This perfectly portrays every. single. friday. I LOLLED so hard. {LOLLED=lol’d=laughed out loud…wow}
  • An interesting read from the New York Times on how our generation is losing our interpersonal skills because we are too focused on screens instead of people.

Hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July this coming week! I say that now because, knowing me, I’ll forget to post about it later. Just covering my bases, y’all.

Home is Where The Heart Is

…and if that is true, that my home is firmly set in the South. { I may or may not have listened to this song one too many times on my drive back down south. It explains the title of the post}

Yes, despite my attempts to stand firm against the draw of this region, I just cannot resist its charm, its comfort, or its ability to make me feel 100% welcome and appreciated.


This past weekend, I moved into my new abode in Birmingham, and I must say, this may be my favorite residence yet! For throwing together pieces that I have accumulated throughout college + furniture that has sat unused in my parents’ house for a couple of years, I’d say my bedroom turned out pretty nicely!

IMG_3010 IMG_3011 IMG_3012 IMG_3015 DSC_1225 DSC_1228 DSC_1230 DSC_1231

It will take some time to learn a whole new city. Athens was a little easier to understand given its size, but I take on the challenge of figuring out B-ham, at least by the end of the summer. For now at least, I have checked 2 of the most important places to find off my list.

1) I found Anthropologie

2) I found a coffee shop…no one worry. @Octane {guy, guys…at this place, you can get coffee/tea OR beer/cocktails. Like, most edgy/hipster place ever and I love it}

DSC_1241 IMG_3018

Happy Tuesday from Birmingham!



Coffee Differently


There were so many moments throughout my last 4 years in Athens in which I thought, “I just cannot wait to get out of this small town and back to a city.” Now, one week shy of graduation and my departure from Athens, GA, I can’t imagine leaving. Despite being overjoyed and anxious about the chance to start anew, I still refuse to accept the fact that once I receive my diploma, once I finally get the chance to walk through the Arch, and once I leave the city limits of Athens, the town will never quite be the same, and I will no longer feel a sense of ownership in this town that I have come to know and love.

In addition to simply missing the town itself, like any “visiting local” {as I like to call myself}, I have my fair share of go-to favorite places and spaces, be it a grocery store, a running route, a frozen yogurt establishment, or…the favorite…MY coffee shop.


Athens certainly boasts its fair share of phenomenal coffee shops, but I have found my home away from home at the unique & quaint Two Story Coffeehouse, located both in 5 points and on the East side. The hours (and dollars) that I have spent at my “spot(s)” are uncountable, the friendships that have come to life in those hours are as warm and vibrant as the coffee brewed there, and the peace of mind that has come from simply sitting, sipping, and reading in one of Two Story’s little nooks is the kind of peace that I attribute my success in college to.

I am not even embarrassed anymore that people stop me out-and-about in town and on campus saying, “Hey, I’ve seen you at Two Story. You’re there like…all the time.” Why yes. I am. Cuz it’s the bomb.


18032_234947630501_2604872_n IMG_2622 IMG_2631 IMG_1570

{These are just a few snaps…I just went through my Instagram and man, you would think I lived here…oh wait I do. }

I can go without Last Resort, without Pauley’s, without the downtown scene and the football game weekends, but I have not quite figured out how I am suppose to leave Two Story. I will be hard-pressed to find a coffeehouse that even compares to this local gem, in both the quality of people and quality of product.

Though the workers there may never read this: to Chris, to Rachel, to Westley, and to {my “cousin”} Duffey, thank you for  greeting me with a smile and taking the time to get to know me these past years, even on days when I make multiple appearances “just because.”  May 10th marks the end of my time at the University of Georgia, but I guarantee that Athens will not have seen the last of me, mainly due to the bond I have formed with an independent coffee shop that has captured my heart.