Links I {Love}


  1. My sensitive skin definitely changes each season. I’m getting set to try Kimberly’s top products for problem-free skin this Fall!
  2. Real life: the fashion icon behind  Cheetah is the New Black majored in Chemistry in college…as if I was not already inspired enough! Read her full Abridged Biography here!
  3. Step Away from the Phone. NY Times once again nails it.
  4. Loving these 15 Minute DIY Party Ideas from Real Simple. Just the inspiration I need to plan a get together
  5. Thank you Meri for introducing me to this Tumblr. “What Mr. Darcy was thinking when…”
  6. I would be completely, 100%, over the moon happy if every man dressed like this (and this…wait and in Gucci too…oh good gracious SWOOOON).
  7. Wishing so hard I could pull off this turban. Find more like it in Meg’s Shop
  8.  Auto-Correct Fails (by the way, if you’re going out, make sure your whore face is covered up)



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