Links I {Love}


  1. My sensitive skin definitely changes each season. I’m getting set to try Kimberly’s top products for problem-free skin this Fall!
  2. Real life: the fashion icon behind  Cheetah is the New Black majored in Chemistry in college…as if I was not already inspired enough! Read her full Abridged Biography here!
  3. Step Away from the Phone. NY Times once again nails it.
  4. Loving these 15 Minute DIY Party Ideas from Real Simple. Just the inspiration I need to plan a get together
  5. Thank you Meri for introducing me to this Tumblr. “What Mr. Darcy was thinking when…”
  6. I would be completely, 100%, over the moon happy if every man dressed like this (and this…wait and in Gucci too…oh good gracious SWOOOON).
  7. Wishing so hard I could pull off this turban. Find more like it in Meg’s Shop
  8.  Auto-Correct Fails (by the way, if you’re going out, make sure your whore face is covered up)



Lately + Links


I feel myself falling into the “one post per week” phase, which I didn’t expect to succumb to but, you know, life just happens sometimes. Work is much, MUCH busier than I anticipated, but in a good way! When I’m there, I am completely immersed in information and presentations and research and magazine drama…and I love every single second of it. Other than work, I’m just bopping around Birmingham, eating, going to work, going to the gym, going to bed, repeat 5x per week. Aka nothing interesting.

BUT even though my life isn’t too thrilling at the moment, check out what else is new around the web and around my web of friends:

  • Do yourself a favor and click on over to Southern Living’s blog, The Daily South, and check out the 2013 Idea House that just opened to the public today in Nashville! It is absolutely stunning and I love that I got the chance to see the inner workings of this project and then see the final product. I’m obsessed!
  • I have serious wanderlust as I chat with and hear about Hannah’s adventures in Europe this summer. I must admit that I get a little jealous each time we Facebook chat and her location changes from somewhere in Scotland to the mountains of Switzerland. Follow along with my beautiful friend and her travel updates.  She is currently holding steady in Switzerland at the moment, working at L’Abri {Find out more about this wonderful mission and her experiences on her blog!}
  • I recently got a Tumblr…because, you know, I just needed yet another social media outlet.
  • This perfectly portrays every. single. friday. I LOLLED so hard. {LOLLED=lol’d=laughed out loud…wow}
  • An interesting read from the New York Times on how our generation is losing our interpersonal skills because we are too focused on screens instead of people.

Hope you all have a fantastic 4th of July this coming week! I say that now because, knowing me, I’ll forget to post about it later. Just covering my bases, y’all.